Student testimonials





“The dedication to making good music was phenomenal among the teachers in the whole program. Playing with the orquesta tipica was a real pleasure. I found the repertoire very challenging and rewarding.”

“The program was extraordinary! This endeavor is clearly of historical significance in terms of educating performers and composers about the authentic tango idiom. I was so pleased to learn from musicians who have taken tango to such a high level of mastery. The blend of composer/performers on the faculty made for such a rich and illuminating experience.”

“Very happy I had a chance to attend it! Overall amazing high standards for tango musicians education. Loving every minute of it. Very warm faculty – it really made a huge difference!”

“Excellent! The balance between musical activities and more intellectual/background ones was great for me. The faculty demonstrated the highest caliber of talent and pedagogical skill, but were also warm and welcoming. This is so rare.”

“It was everything I expected and hoped for, and much more. My highest compliment for the faculty and the organizers in every respect.”

“The chance to dive into original work with Diego Schissi and Exequiel Mantega was one of the richest musical experiences I’ve had in a long time.”

“It was wonderful to be part of the program and to be able to connect with and hear so many talented musicians.”

“Work hard, play hard, the program is intense and challenging. The teachers are very strict, but at the same time very warm and supportive.”

“Absolutely superlative. I will be back annually since this experience is truly transformative.”



“This is a unique and wonderful program with a good balance between the classroom and performance, with plenty of performance opportunities.”

“Tango for Musicians provides an environment for musical growth, a place to focus on the elements that make tango music what it is, and a direction to move forward to an entirely new music based on the clear models from the past.”

“Terrific opportunity to connect with other musicians and to learn the language of tango.”

“I thought the curriculum was well-planned and cultivated. Having instrumental class first thing, ensembles in the afternoon, with lectures in between, is a good structure. Teaching points/themes were clearly repeated throughout the day – this was very helpful. I felt that the whole environment was supportive – from the teachers to the other students. This was an amazing experience!”

“Exceeded my expectations. I could go on and on about how wonderful the people, the campus, the concerts, the ensemble experience, and the classes are. But I want to point out just one thing: the way faculty promoted a safe, supportive, friendly, non-competitive environment.”

“The overall experience was wonderful. I’ve attended a number of summer festivals and workshops over the years, and I’ve never gotten so much out of a single event like this.”

“Thank you so much to the faculty and staff for putting so much time and thoughtfulness into every detail of the program! You’ve created an unforgettable experience for us all.”

“It has helped me a lot to develop further as a tango player. Thanks a lot.”



“I gained so much appreciation of what tango is as an art form. I’ve had many highlights in my life, but this was another one.”

“In-depth understanding of an authentic tango sound, history, and techniques. I loved being taught without “sugar coating” and with enthusiasm that is contagious! I LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!”

“The experience was extremely challenging for me but also very rewarding. As a less experienced musician, I really appreciated the supportive spirit of the program.”

“I feel that I learned so much, especially how much more I would like to learn.”

“I was so impressed with the teaching faculty and the integration of concepts in the teaching materials. The teachers were not only inspiring performers, but amazing in their teaching styles, each unique in his or her own way of expression. I also really liked how they worked together as a team.”

“I have so much admiration for the faculty as musicians, educators, and nice people, who communicated their knowledge and enthusiasm for the music so well.”

“I was inspired by all the faculty, by their devotion to tango, and their commitment to excellence.

“I was warmed and inspired by their encouragement and by the genius of their musicianship.”

“The faculty presented a cohesive program of what makes tango tango. All members were in agreement about the concepts presented. This consistency of approach provides the student with a firm ground from which to continue and advance.”

“I loved every faculty member. I can really tell that producing music is what they love to do, and it definitely shows through their performances.”

“All of the faculty were marvelous, and I felt it was a real event to be able to participate, and to hear them perform their material – both standard, well-known fare and compositions by the faculty. What a treat!!”

“The material for the orquesta típica was great in terms of conveying rhythmic challenges and concepts. For many of us, it was the first time playing in a good, large tango ensemble. Having three faculty join us for the performance was eye-opening.”

“Great networking, inspiring performances, good experience performing in a concert setting.”