Pre-formed Ensembles Coaching Sessions

Tango for Musicians is fully committed to supporting the development of tango ensembles from all around the world. As a result, the edition of Tango for Musicians in Europe 2019 will feature a one hour coaching session free of charge for eight (8) pre-formed ensembles whose members are all registered in the program.

Each of the 8 participating pre-formed ensembles will receive a one hour ensemble coaching session with a member of the artistic faculty (to be determined by Tango for Musicians) to be held during one of the four days during “The Fundamentals of Tango” masterclass time slot.

In order to apply for these coaching sessions, the ensemble must meet the following conditions:

  • All members of the group must register before applying for the coaching session.The ensemble must provide printed master scores of its own arrangements or compositions to work on in the ensemble coaching. If the group can’t attend with its full line-up, the group itself must arrange their repertoire so that it’s ready to work on in the class with the faculty.
  • Applying ensembles must fill out the form which will be available on this website on 2 July, 2019, including the registration information from all participants and a YouTube/Vimeo video link of the ensemble. The artistic team at Tango for Musicians will choose the 8 ensembles who will receive this extra coaching. On 26 August, 2019 an email will be sent to all applying ensembles with the results. A timetable for all 8 lessons will be provided on the first day of the event.

Private ensembles classes for groups who attend the program with their full line-up may be booked with an extra charge and are subject to faculty’s availability. These may be booked in advance by emailing communication(at)