Program 2019

The Tango for Musicians in Europe 2019 program features a rigorous curriculum designed to maximize student learning within and across its many activities. Previous experience with tango is not necessary or expected, though technical proficiency on the instrument and the ability to read music are required.

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Instrumental technique classes will focus on developing practical approaches to tango using hands-on materials designed specifically for their instrument.

All the teaching materials will be sent to registered participants in advance after 15 July, 2019 providing the chance to thoroughly prepare before arriving in September (see TEACHING MATERIALS below).

Topics to be covered in instrumental technique classes and elsewhere in our program include:

    • Playing and creating rhythmic and expressive tango melodies.
    • Construction and use of different tango time marking models, including marcato in 4, marcato in 2, syncopations, yumba, and many others.
    • Typical resources for playing tango “a la parrilla” (with improvised arrangements).
    • Ornamentation.
    • Extended techniques and tango’s famous percussion effects.


Student ensembles will be organized into three large groups: ‘Orquesta Típica’ (tango big band) and ‘Orquesta Atípica’ (large mixed instrumental ensemble) and ‘Tango Improvisation Ensemble’.

The ‘Orquesta Atípica’ and the ‘Atípical Orchestra’ ensembles will work with pre-arranged parts. The ‘Tango Improvisation Ensemble’ will have the chance to develop the tango devices studied during the workshop by playing “a la parrilla” in a tango jam session setting.

Ensembles will be grouped by our evaluation team according to the participants’ different levels of experience and the order of registration. Changes to the ensemble assignments will be subject to the discretion of the leveling team and the artistic faculty. Piano and bass players spots are limited and will be assigned considering leveling and order of registration.


Every day during the ensemble classes time slot there will be a tango arranging class, designed for musicians who want to learn how to arrange for a tango ensemble and who would also like to experiment playing their own arrangements.

Musicians who decide to take this class will not be assigned to an ensemble and will use that time frame to participate in this tango arranging class. The decision to attend this class will have to be stated on the registration form.


At the end of each day, “The Fundamentals of Tango” masterclasses will be taught by the different members of the artistic faculty. These masterclasses will cover the fundamental devices of tango music for all instruments.


From Thursday 19 to Saturday 21 September, 2019 during lunch time, participants will have the chance to attend to Tango Dance Lessons by Kendra Stepputat, faculty member of Kunstuniversität Graz.


Tango for Musicians is fully committed to supporting the development of tango ensembles from all around the world. As a result, Tango for Musicians in Europe 2019 will feature a one hour coaching session free of charge for eight (8) pre-formed ensembles whose members are all registered in the program. For more information about this program click here.

Private ensembles classes for groups who attend the program with their full line-up may be booked with an extra charge and are subject to faculty’s availability. These may be booked in advance by emailing communication(at)


Participants will receive an email with their ensemble assignment, parts, and materials for their instrumental techniques classes on 15 July, 2019. These materials will be sent as PDF files by email. Participants will be asked to arrive to the event having printed out and prepared these materials on their own so that ensembles and instrumental techniques classes can hit the ground running.

Participants who register after 15 July, 2019 will receive these materials within 10 working days after confirming their registration and submitting their payment.

All instruction and educational materials will be presented in English.