Tango for Musicians in Europe 2019 is open to musicians of all instruments, arrangers, and composers. Enrollment is limited to 100 participants, and spots will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. The registration period will begin on 13 May, 2019 and will remain open until 30 August, 2019. An Early Bird Discount will be offered for those participants who register before 8 July, 2019*.

(NOTE: the Early Bird registration period was extended on 1/7/2019)


Tuition for Tango for Musicians in Europe 2019 includes access to all masterclasses and free tickets to all concerts and public events. This fee does not include accommodation, transport and meals, which must be arranged separately.

Early Bird registration

(before 8/7/2019)*

Regular registration

(after 2/7/2019)


* (NOTE: the Early Bird registration period was extended on 1/7/2019)


Students of the Kunstuniversität Graz who have requested to attend the Tango for Musicians in Europe 2019 program will have to insert the specific code provided by KUG’s administration in the “Comments” section at the end of the registration form in order to receive their discount. A confirmation email will follow no later than five working days after filling out the form just like for every other registrant. If you are interested, please apply to Sabine Göritzer (sabine.goeritzer(at) by 15 June 2019, stating your field of study and enclosing a sound sample. Until 21 June, the candidates for the free places will be selected by the Vice Rector for Art, Elisabeth von Magnus, and Prof. Georg Schulz.


To register, participants will be asked to:

  1. Fill out the registration form which will be available online here and submit payment (full tuition is due at the time of registration). This will reserve your spot for the program.
  2. Provide a link to an audio or video recording that best represents your playing for the leveling team to make ensemble assignments and place you in the appropriate instrumental techniques classes. (See ABOUT THE AUDIO/VIDEO TRACK below for more information).


After completing the registration form available online here, registrants will have to:

  1. Pay the full amount of the tuition by bank transfer to Tango Sin Fin’s German bank account.
  2. Send the receipt to info(at) indicating your full name.

Within a few working days after completing these steps you’ll receive an email with your Registration number. The process will then be completed and your spot will be fully reserved.

PLEASE NOTE: Confirmation emails including a registration number will ONLY BE SENT on Tuesdays and Fridays during the registration period. Please, wait for at least five working days after completing the registration process to write back to us if you haven’t received a confirmation email.


An 80% refund of the tuition fee will be provided for those who request it by contacting us at before 31 July, 2019 (excluding service fees). Tuition is not refundable after 31 July, 2019.


To complete the registration form, all participants will be asked to submit an audio or video track of themselves playing their instrument. That audio/video will only be seen by our leveling team and will not be published or shared. It is important to note that it will not be considered an audition; it will only be used as a reference to make ensemble and instrumental technique assignments.

The audio/video can feature any genre of music (tango, classical, jazz, folk, etc.), although a tango recording is preferred. A recording of a solo performance or one in which the participant stands out as a soloist is suggested. The audio/video does not need to be technically sophisticated but should fairly represent the participant’s level of playing.

Participants who are performers of more than one instrument will have to choose a primary instrument which will be played in the ensembles and will be focused on in instrumental techniques classes, which are instrument-specific and will be tiered according to level and experience.

A tutorial on uploading video files to YouTube can be found here. Files can also be uploaded to any cloud hosting service such as Google Drive or Dropbox, but public access must be granted to each link. We will not consider video files sent by WeTransfer to none of our addresses, and we will ask participants to reupload their submission through a different service.

Participants applying with their ensembles for the PRE-FORMED ENSEMBLE COACHING SESSIONS should upload an ensemble video on a separate form (see PRE-FORMED ENSEMBLE COACHING SESSIONS).


All participants must bring their own instruments and accessories for their personal use. Storage for large instruments may be available by special arrangement. Some double basses will be available for travelling musicians. This will have to be arranged in advance by emailing sabine.goeritzer(at)

Music stands will be provided by Kunstuniversität Graz.

During the event, some of Kunstuniversität Graz’s practice rooms will be available for students who would like to practice. A blank timetable will be put up on the door of each available practice room so that students can write their names and reserve on their own a one hour spot to study.


Tango Sin Fin and Kunstuniversität Graz reserve the right to cancel the event in case that any unfortunate events happen. A refund will be provided to all registered participants excluding administrative fees.