Tango Dance Program

In collaboration with the ¡Bailamos! Dresden partner organization Tango for Musicians in Europe 2018 will feature a unique TANGO DANCE CURRICULUM aimed both at experienced dancers and musicians focusing on different styles of tango music. All registrants to the Tango for Musicians program will have special discounts on the classes, practicas and milongas.


The DANCERS FULL PASS for Tango for Musicians in Europe 2018 includes access to all the activities for tango dancers which will take place during the week, plus the chance to attend as an auditor to some of the lessons of the musicians program. The pass includes:

  • 4 tango dance workshops by ¡Bailamos!
  • 2 milongas with live music
  • 1 práctica
  • 2 concerts
  • 10 tango styles & tango history classes (part of the musicians program)
  • 4 orquesta típica open rehearsals (part of the musicians program)

The full schedule for the TANGO DANCE PROGRAM and its fees can be found here.



¡Bailamos! is a non-profit organization based in Dresden, Germany. Its tango dancing teachers have received their profound education by the European tango pioneers Christiane and Horst Kröniger from the Tangowerkstatt Regensburg/Berlin and masters from Buenos Aires.

The members and teachers of the organization understand tango live music as an important cultural matter and have been responsible for the realization of numerous tango live events in Dresden and Schwerin for many years. ¡Bailamos! has also supported the development of tango music by partnering educational projects aimed at musicians such as the “Método de Tango” bilingual book series and the first “Tango Para Músicos” festival which took place in Buenos Aires in 2014.